AgriProfit$ 2013-2017 Economic, Production and Financial Performance of Alberta Cow/Calf Operations

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 Economics, Productive & Financial Benchmarks for Alberta Cow/Calf Operations


This AgriProfit$ Business Analysis of Alberta Cow/Calf Operations presents a multi-year summary of the economic, production, and financial performance of Alberta's cow/calf producers. The research was undertaken through the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry’s AgriProfit$ Business Analysis and Research Program with the cooperation of producers across the province. Participating cow/calf producers received a customized business analysis of their operations for comparison to this multi-year benchmark report.

The benchmarking process has two key time perspectives. The first is an historical analysis, involving comparisons over time. The second is a within the year comparison, focusing on how operations performed, responded to, or weathered the challenges faced by them. The AgriProfit$ Program is free and individual participant's information remains confidential. This report presents the aggregated results and consists of a series of tables and figures with average historic provincial data showing the sales, production costs, selected production and financial indicators for the past five years.

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