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Economics of Change for Beef Operations … Jan./09
An economic analysis of north and central Alberta beef operations has yielded significant insights regarding the durability of the industry over the past 10 years and opportunities for profit driven change. Key drivers supporting the “economics of change” are farm level financial strengths and potential for herd cost reductions through integrated herd and grazing systems.

Economies of Size in Alberta Cow/Calf Operations … Nov./05

One of the more significant avenues available to primary producers to maintain competitiveness is to pursue size economies in their operations. This research project addresses key questions for Alberta cow/calf producers during a time when the pressure to seek out operational efficiencies is mounting … that is, “how large should my cow herd be?” and "what are the key factors I should consider in moving to this new target size?".

Risk Management Strategies for Alberta Cow/Calf Operations … Nov./05

Producers will increasingly need to utilize management information and tools to design and evaluate available risk management options, whether they’re broad safety net program or unique, on-farm management strategies. The overall objective of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of alternative public and private risk management strategies for Alberta cow/calf producers.

Insights into Managing Winter Feed Costs in Alberta Cow/Calf Operations … Sept./04

In addition to the direct costs of the feeds themselves, what and how cows are fed can have a significant effect on other non-feed cow/calf enterprise costs and overall herd profitability. This AgriProfit$ Research Bulletin presents the findings of a review of winter feeding and management practices of Alberta cow/calf operators, with an economic “spin”

Opportunities for Beef Production in Northern Alberta … Feb./04

This AgriProfit$ bulletin reviews relevant economic drivers related to beef production in Northern Alberta. It enables producers to make better decisions regarding beef production opportunities in the Alberta Peace Region


Three Steps to Building a Profitable Grazing System … June/09

To improve profitability in beef cow/calf operations requires managers to go beyond grazing yield and examine the economics of their grazing systems. This bulletin outlines a three step process that can be used to evaluate an existing system or chart forward a new combination

Swath Grazing – Interesting Concept, But Does It Pay” … Dec. 2/02

Swath grazing is widely recognized as a feeding strategy with significant potential to reduce beef cow herd and backgrounding costs. Whether or not it will work for individual producers boils down to answering the question of "will it pay?"

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