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A number of sites are listed that complement AgriProfit$ benchmarks, bulletins, reports and tools. ARECA is a provincial association of non-profit producer groups dedicated to enhancing the sustainability and profitability of agriculture in Alberta. Their member forage and applied research associations have been quite effective at addressing local concerns and identifying opportunities in local agriculture. Check this site to link to ARECA and member association programs, information and services. In this web site you'll find a wide array of information relating to both current Canadian agricultural issues and technical information on forage and beef production. The Western Beef Development Centre is a division of the Prairie Agricultural Machinery Institute (PAMI) that plays a unique and vital role in the development of the Western Canadian cattle industry. As an intermediary, the WBDC communicates directly with the research community and the cattle industry. Practical and applicable research is used to provide technologies that enable producers to become increasingly competitive in today's marketplace.

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