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The “Choice$” suite of budgeting tools are designed for producers to create and evaluate enterprise profits and risks associated with expected operating plans for the upcoming production cycle. Producers who have developed reasonable estimates of production costs and returns for their own farm enterprises (through the AgriProfit$ program, or other procedures) will benefit the most in using this software. Regional benchmark unit costs are provided, as a guideline or starting point, to assist producers who do not have their own farm-specific costing information.

o Crop Choice$
Crop Choice$ is a profit & risk management budgeting tool designed to assist producers in setting annual cropping plans for cereal, oilseed, forage and specialty crops. It can help producers in predicting expected revenues and margins related to the alternative cropping plans as well as the likelihood of achieving margin levels.

The Feedlot Investment Risk `Simulation Tool (FIR$T) analyzes cattle feeding investments. It uses advanced computer simulation techniques to add powerful risk assessment capabilities to traditional break-even and cost of gain calculations.

Other Budgeting Packages & Tools

o Swath Grazing Calculator
The Swath Grazing Calculator is designed to provide a cost comparison between conventional wintering feeding systems and swath grazing.

o Match Forage Supplies to Livestock Needs Calculator
This quick “calculator” estimates potential forage shortfalls or surpluses associated with various management options. The “Feed to Need Calculator” very simply estimates the number of head that can be wintered on existing forage supplies. Or conversely, how much extra forage is needed to maintain the breeding herd and/or retained calves.

o AgriProfit$ “Cropping Alternatives” Budgets
A paper –based crop & forage enterprise budgeting package. Budget templates, with soil zone average unit cost guidelines, are designed to assess the economic performance of their cereal, oilseed, forage and special crop plans for the upcoming season.

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