Office of the Chief Provincial Veterinarian: Antimicrobial Resistance - AMR

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Antimicrobial Resistance - AMR

Antimicrobial (antibiotic) resistance, or AMR, is an important issue that has complex and widespread consequences for both human and animal health.

Antibiotics must be used wisely so they continue to be effective for people and animals.

How does this affect agriculture?

The Government of Canada is moving forward with a number of actions and changes to address AMR, and some of these will affect the agriculture industry. For example: The biggest impact is likely to be from the change affecting antimicrobials that currently do not require a prescription. As of December 1, 2018, all of these medically important antimicrobials will require a prescription from a veterinarian.
  • These antibiotics will be available only from veterinary clinics or pharmacies.
  • Feed prescriptions for medicated complete feeds, supplements, macro and micro premixes can also be filled at a commercial feed mill.
Livestock producers should continue working with their veterinarians, and building that relationship to prepare for the changes. A case study has been developed to help understand the Veterinary-Client-Patient Relationship (VCPR).

Alberta’s livestock industry organizations are working closely with the Alberta government in talking to farmers and ranchers about these changes. Many in the industry are already taking steps to address AMR.

What is Alberta doing?

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (AF) is working together with Alberta Health, the agriculture industry, veterinarians, and other animal and human health partners as we move forward.

AF is also working with Alberta Health on a provincial strategy to address antimicrobial resistance. The strategy will focus on
  • stewardship
  • surveillance
  • research and innovation
  • infection prevention and control
AF worked closely with the Alberta Veterinary Medical Association (ABVMA) as they hosted a One Health Antimicrobial Workshop in November 2016. The workshop brought a wide range of animal, human, and environmental health partners together to share knowledge in working toward collaborative solutions.

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