Surveillance of ticks on animals in Alberta

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 Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (AF), Alberta Health and Alberta Health Services conduct a surveillance program for ticks. The program monitors the type of ticks that attach to companion animals, livestock and humans, and also those found in the environment.

Certain species of tick (such as Ixodes scapularis and Ixodes pacificus) are considered to be possible carriers of Borrelia burgdorferi, the bacteria that causes Lyme disease. These ticks will be tested for the presence of the bacteria to better understand the risk of Lyme disease in Alberta.


If Albertans find ticks on their animals, they should contact their veterinarian. Veterinarians can submit ticks found on companion animals or livestock in Alberta year-round, at no cost. The results of testing will be reported back to the veterinarian and to the Office of the Chief Provincial Veterinarian.

Veterinarian tick submission form with packaging and free shipping details and a brief history to fill out on the host animal (downloadable PDF – file size 1.96 MB).

If you encounter difficulties with opening this fillable form, try using Internet Explorer, or see our PDF Forms Help page.

AF's Tick Surveillance on animals- Results For more information about the program or free shipping options for veterinary submissions contact AF at 780-422-4830 (dial 310-0000 first for toll-free connection in Alberta).

Ticks found on humans or in the environment

If a tick is found on a human or in the environment, please refer to Alberta Health’s website for health information and how to submit the tick.

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