The Risk Management Modules (Third Edition, 2003)

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  These four modules on the topic of risk management are a part of Dr. Len Bauer’s career-spanning series entitled "Managing the Modern Farm Business." We at the Business Management Innovations Branch are proud to have supported their creation. We think that Dr. Bauer and his team have crafted an exceptional educational resource that provides a basic understanding of risk in primary agricultural production.

The modules are written and designed as self-learning tools. You will meet the fictional characters Kim and Lee, and follow their progress as they learn to identify, measure and manage risk on their modest cropping operation. These lessons are directly transferable to managing agricultural operations in the real world.

From this foundation, we are developing a strategy that we believe will help farmers make better business management decisions in an increasingly uncertain environment. Our strategy involves a more systematic approach to risk and risk management, as well as decision tools to help you identify, measure and manage the risk associated with your operation.

We hope you enjoy and benefit from this learning experience, and that it will provide the groundwork for learning more about risk and risk management. A limited number of printed copies of the Risk Management Modules are available from the Business Management Innovations Branch at Olds. For more information, please contact us at 403-556-4240.

Author and Technical Editor: Leonard Bauer
Instructional Designer: Don Bushe
Technical Reviewer: Frank Novak

Published by: Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta
Special Funding: Business Management Innovations Branch, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development
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