Feeder Associations of Alberta: Environmental Resources

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  • The Alberta Environmental Farm Plan (AEFP) Company is a non-profit company that helps farmers and ranchers identify environmental opportunities and challenges on their own land. The AEFP Company was created in April 2002 because Alberta producers identified the need for delivery of an environmental farm plan program to be arm's-length from government
    Tel: 1-800-844-2337
    e-mail: info@AlbertaEFP.com

The Canada-Alberta Farm Stewardship Program provides eligible producers in Alberta with financial and technical assistance to develop and implement viable and environmentally sustainable practices.

  • The Alberta Riparian Habitat Management Society - "Cows and Fish" is striving to foster a better understanding on how improvements in grazing management on riparian areas can enhance landscape health and productivity, for the benefit of cattle producers and others who use and value riparian areas.
    We are available to help cattle producers and communities:
    • Understand riparian area functions and values
    • Examine and monitor the health of their riparian areas
    • Evaluate and suggest management strategies
    Tel: 403-381-5538
  • The Prairie Farm Rehabilitation Administration (PFRA) works with Prairie people to develop a viable agricultural industry and sustainable rural economy in Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta and the Peace River Region of British Columbia. Find out about the programs and resources available to you by checking out their web site.
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