Woodlot Management: Regulations

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 Currently, there are no specific laws in Alberta that determine what a landowner can or can’t do on his woodlots. However, there are regulations relevant to the environment, fisheries, water, soil, fire prevention and transportation that relate to woodlot management activities. It is the responsibility of woodlot owners to comply with all regulations.
  • Soil Conservation Act- this act requires all landowners to take steps to prevent soil loss or deterioration and to stop existing loss or deterioration.
  • Forest and Prairie Protection Act- this act requires landowners to reduce or eliminate fire hazards.
  • Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act- this act is intended to protect air and water quality. This act assures that proper conservation and reclamation practices are used on land affected by activities such as harvesting.
  • Water Act- this act supports and promotes conservation and management of water, including wise use of water.
  • Forests Act and Motor Transport Act- these acts require individuals who are hauling logs on public roads to comply with weight restrictions, emergency precautions and transportation records requirements.
  • Municipal Government Act- this act gives municipalities the power to enact bylaws to influence or even limited logging on private land.
  • Workers’ Compensation Act and Occupational Health and Safety Act- Landowners are responsible for compliance when contractors are working on their property.
  • A permit is required from the local municipality for any kind of burning on privately owned land between April 1 to October 1.
For information on these Acts check the Alberta Queen's Printer web site.
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