Woodlots in Alberta

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Woodlots are tracts of land of any size and shape that contain areas of trees either naturally occurring or planted. Ecologically, woodlots in Alberta are found in a variety of landscape units ranging from foothills or boreal forests with nearly continuous tree cover to small bluffs of aspen in the parkland/ grassland transition. Each of these areas is a forest system that provides ecological diversity, economic opportunities and social stability that are different from non-forested land. Each individual woodlot regardless of size, has some unique qualities.

Graph 1. Forested land in Alberta by ownership

Approximately 4 % or 1.5 million hectares of forested land in Alberta are classified as woodlots. Economic, environmental and social aspect of woodlots in Alberta agricultural zone is significant.

Most of the woodlots produce several values. The environmental value of the woodlots is often measured by their ability to provide habitat for wildlife, control soil erosion, protect watersheds, outdoor recreation and tourism. Social values such as personal satisfaction and enjoyment are also very important. Economic value of the woodlot is to produce forest products, diversify rural and farm economies, and to be a complement to crop rotation.

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