Energy From Wood Biomass Combustion in Rural Alberta Applications

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 Executive summary
The object of this report is to demonstrate and assess the economic and environmental potential of various options for wood-based bio-energy in comparison to conventional fossil fuel energy sources in rural, commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities in Alberta.

The report shall assist wood energy stakeholders in establishing and optimizing the contribution of wood-biomass energy in renewable energy targets central to sustainable woodlot management, forestry, waste-wood management, and rural, economic development objectives.

  • Wood-based bio-energy is in its infancy in Alberta, and offers rural enterprises a feasible opportunity for economic development that improves their energy efficiency, security, and independence.
  • Wood-fuel resources from the forest industry, private woodlots, plus industrial/commercial wood residues for heat or heat/electricity co-generation are widely available in Alberta and can be used by communities, commerce, institutions, and industry, thereby increasing the cost-effectiveness of their operations and improving their energy efficiency.
  • The increased use of wood-based, bio-energy can have a significant contribution to greenhouse gas reduction targets.
  • Modern, fully automated wood-based energy technology is available, reliable, and affordable.
  • The Province of Alberta can take the lead in supporting the development of efficient and cost-effective, wood-based, bio-energy by engaging and organizing potential stakeholders, working to remove existing wood energy barriers, and demonstrating the utility of wood heating.
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Toso Bozic - Agroforestry/Woodlot Extension Specialist
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Harald Welling - Consultant
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Edmonton, AB, T6R 2L1

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