Swine - Farrow to Finish Technician (Level 1) Skill Set

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 Swine health | Farrowing swine | Handling swine | Facilities and equipment | Management systems | Feeding operations | Waste handling | Employability

Swine Health Maintenance
  • Demonstrate knowledge of sow & boar physiology & anatomy, also common health diseases & disorders
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the farms bio-security protocol & herd health program
  • Interpret drug labels and administer treatments
  • Recognize, treat & monitor basic health problems
  • Demonstrate appropriate personal hygiene practices
  • Maintain facility & equipment cleanliness and sanitation
Farrowing Swine
  • Monitor farrowing sows and carry out farm’s farrowing protocol
  • Induce sows to farrow (Optional)
  • Recognize farrowing problems and provide basic assistance
  • Perform routine procedures with new birthed piglets
  • Carry out fostering practices with piglets
  • Castrate baby pigs
Handling Swine
  • Demonstrate a basic knowledge of mature, feeder, & weaner pig behaviors
  • Weigh mature, feeder & weaner pigs
  • Perform weaning procedures
  • Carry out mating of breeding stock
  • Perform artificial insemination on sows (Optional)
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Facilities and Operating Equipment
  • Demonstrate knowledge of pig production workplace hazards
  • Monitor and maintain facility environmental control systems
  • Operate a standby generator to restore power (Optional)
  • Safely use basic hand/shop tools (Optional)
  • Follow safe farm vehicle driving regulations (Optional)
  • Haul pigs with farm trucks (Optional)
  • Perform basic arc welding for maintenance and repair (Optional)
  • Safely operate, maintain & service:
    • farm tractors (Optional)
    • trucks & tractors with equipment in tow (Optional)
    • two axle farm trucks (Optional)
    • three axle farm trucks (Optional)
Operate Management Systems
  • Demonstrate a basic knowledge of the units production indicators, goals and targets
  • Record production information/data in barn records system
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of hog marketing practices and markets
  • Demonstrate knowledge of current quality assurance programs and food safety issues
  • Operate farms computerized management system of permanent records (Optional)
Swine Feeding Operations
  • Supervise supply of water to pigs
  • Carry out feeding plan for all ages of stock
  • Operate & service feed handling equipment
  • Operate on-farm feed mixing & processing systems (Optional)
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of nutrition/feeding principles for all stock
Waste Handling
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of waste handling principles
  • Perform clean out routine and operate the manure handling system
  • Operate high pressure washer and perform periodic service
  • Demonstrate knowledge of potential confined space hazards
  • Demonstrate safe working procedures in confined spaces (Optional)
  • Operate pumped manure transfer equipment/system & slurry tanker wagon on fields & roads (Optional)
Employability, Communication & Safety
  • Manage your training & continuing education
  • Effectively communicate and interact on the job
  • Manage time effectively
  • Demonstrate knowledge of personal financial principles (Optional)
  • Manage your health and safety on the job
  • Use a fire extinguisher and combat a small fire
  • Perform basic first aid procedures
  • Safely handle hazardous farm materials
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