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 The recruitment and retention of foreign workers has become an important human resource tool for the majority of agriculture and agri-food employers in Alberta. If an employer does not have the human resource capacity to recruit, selecting the right third-party agent can have a significant impact on recruitment costs, turnover, community support and timing. Outlined below is a checklist that will help you select the right third-party agent or recruiter.
  • Is the recruiter licensed by Service Alberta to operate as an employment/recruitment agency?
  • Search for licensed recruiters
  • Do you feel that the whole process has been explained in an honest, open and transparent way?
  • Does the recruiter provide a guarantee? What happens if the candidate does not meet the job requirements? Does the recruiter provide a no-cost replacement?
  • How long has the recruiter been in business in Alberta or Canada or overseas?
  • Does the recruiter have any references or success stories that they can share with you?
  • Does the recruiter provide a detailed list of services that they provide and what they expect your company to provide?
  • Is the recruiter legally authorized to conduct recruiting in the countries of origin?
  • Which party is responsible for completing the Provincial Nomination documentation and who will pay for this service?
  • Will the recruiter allow you to visit the source country to make the final decisions yourself?
  • What prices does the recruiter charge?
  • What type of recruiter do you wish to partner with - Domestic Recruiter, Immigration Consultant, Immigration Lawyer or Overseas Local Recruiter?
  • How is payment organized for the airline tickets, work permit and medical test fees?
Please note that Alberta employers will be held accountable for unethical and improper practices of their recruiter. We suggest that you discuss your recruitment strategy with our Ministry to ensure that it qualifies for the Alberta Immigrant Nominee Program..
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