Silage Manual

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Agdex 120/52-2

Concerned about winter feed for your livestock? Then have a look at the Silage Manual. Silage systems can help producers develop nutritious, cost-effective feed supplies.
Examining all aspects of silage making will help producers balance costs against benefits and weigh advantages against disadvantages. In the Silage Manual, a team of specialists discusses key topics:
    • ensiling process
    • crops for silage
    • silage additives
    • harvesting
    • silos
    • silage quality
    • feeding value
    • costs of production
84 pages

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Acknowledgements for the First Edition
Acknowledgements for the Second Edition
List of Tables
List of Figures

Advantages of Silage Compared to Hay
Disadvantages of Silage
Silage Relative to Other Production

Ensiling Process
Factors Affecting Silage Fermentation
Characteristics of Good Ensiling Procedures
Controlling the Ensiling Process

Crops for Silage
Annual Crops
Perennial Grasses
Perennial and Biennial Legumes
Miscellaneous Silage Crops

Specific Silage Additives
Specific Silage Additives

Direct-cut Silage
Wilted Silage
Low Moisture Silage
Harvesting Systems
Bale Silage Systems

Silage Making and Storage
Feeding Silage
Safety in Silage Making and Storage

Evaluating Silage Quality
Forage Quality
Sampling for Quality Analysis
Visual Evaluation
Chemical Analyses
Feeding Value of Silages
Nutrient Content of Hays and Silages
Length of Chop and Animal Performance
Voluntary Consumption of Hays and Silages
Amount of Silage to be Fed
Feeding Silage to Different Classes of Livestock
Special Problems Related to Feeding

Cost of Silage Production
Selecting a Forage System
Harvesting Costs
Storage and Transportation Costs
Silage Additives
Feeding Equipment and Systems
Silage Pricing

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