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Agdex DVD462/40-1

Combines four popular titles:

Basic Horse Training: A well known horse trainer demonstrates proper techniques for training a pleasure horse. Excellent for those interested in training riding horses.

Horse Training: Deals with the next stage after "basic training" like mechanical aids, from the snaffle bit to the full bridle. Learn basic maneuvers such as circles, jogs, lopes, gallops, stops, flying lead changes and side passes.

Training of the Western Horse: How to train a western show horse. Five top riders describe quarter-horse training for pleasure, riding, trail riding, reining, working cow horse and cutting competitions.

Loading and Trailering Horses: Safety for the horse and handler while loading and hauling is the main focus. Looks at selecting the appropriate vehicle and trailer, safety features and how to drive. Also discusses training a young horse to load properly and working with the problem horse.

Copies of this DVD may be purchased by:

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