Pruning in Alberta

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Agdex 270/24-1

Pruning in Alberta takes the mystery out of pruning. This booklet shows you how to control and maintain your trees and shrubs without distorting their natural form and beauty.

Sections on:
    • pruning tools
    • plant terms
    • basic principles of pruning
    • pruning techniques
    • pruning various plants: deciduous, ornamental, evergreen, shrubs, roses, tree and bush fruit
You will also learn how to increase fruit harvest and improve flowering.

23 pages

Copies of this book may be purchased by:

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  • Cheque or money order, please complete the order form and send it to our Publications Office.
  • Calling 780-427-0391 (payment made using automated system and telephone keypad).
Table of contents
  • Pruning Tools
  • Plant Terms to Know
  • Basic Principles of Pruning
  • Pruning Techniques
  • Pruning Deciduous Ornamental Trees
  • Deciduous Tree recommendations
  • Pruning Evergreen Tress
  • Pruning Shrubs
  • Shrub Recommendations
  • Pruning Roses
  • Pruning Tree Fruit
  • Pruning Bush Fruit
  • Conclusion
  • Further Sources of Pruning Information
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