Commercial Kitchen Business Tool Kit: Kitchen Logistics

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 Commercial Kitchen Stock List | Safety in the Kitchen | Alberta kitchen equipment supply companies

When you rent out your commercial kitchen, you’ll want to have clean, newer equipment that will suit the needs of many different potential renters: from families and groups to professional caterers, chefs and food processors.

commercial kitchen

Your equipment doesn’t need to be top-of-the-line, nor do you need to have the full range of equipment. Having many of the basics in your kitchen is the way to create satisfied (and hopefully, repeat) customers.

To find and price kitchen supplies, deal with a kitchen or restaurant supply company. There are a number of companies in Alberta (some listed at the end of this factsheet) that can supply large kitchen equipment or small wares for serving.

When stocking your kitchen, shop around with different suppliers to get the best prices. You may want to buy your equipment, but it may make sense for you to lease or rent the larger pieces.

Commercial Kitchen Stock List

The following is a list of items you’ll need to make your kitchen fully functional.

Food processing only

Food Storage and Small Equipment Shelving

  • refrigeration unit that maintains a temperature of 4°C to -2°C
  • freezer that maintains a temperature of below -18°C
  • shelves or cabinets for non-perishable foods, dry storage and small kitchen equipment storage
  • hot and cold water supply
  • stainless steel prep tables or counter tops
  • two-compartment stainless steel sink
  • garbage containers
Large Cooking Equipment
  • industrial range (with burners, flat fry top and stainless steel oven) with hood and ventilation system
  • conventional range with gas or electric burners and standard ceramic oven
  • flat grill (if separate from range)
  • microwave oven
  • deep fryer
Small cooking Equipment
  • food processor
  • industrial-sized mixer, or smaller hand mixer
  • meat slicer (optional)
  • meat thermometers and general-purpose thermometers
  • heavy-duty blender
  • kitchen clock and timer
For Events and other functions, add these supplies

  • stove-top cookware sets with lids: sauce pans, sauté pans and pots (with lids in various sizes such as 1- and 2-quart)
  • frying pans (various sizes such as 8-inch, 10-inch, 10-inch deep covered, 12-inch)
  • cake pans (round and square) / loaf pans / pie plates
  • baking sheets and cooling racks (various sizes)
  • stock pot (with lids in various sizes such as 8 or 10-quart)
  • plug-in kettle and teapot
  • roasting pans or Dutch oven
  • coffee machine or drip coffee maker
  • casserole dish with lid
  • oven mitts
Small Wares
  • salt and pepper containers or mills
  • colander/strainers
  • condiment dispensers
  • stainless steel mixing bowls (various sizes)
  • utensils including pie server, ladle, flippers/turners, tongs, spatulas, heavy duty wooden and slotted spoons, whisks, funnels, potato masher, cooking brushes, rolling pin
  • knives in various sizes and for various uses (cheese, meat, tomato)
  • measuring spoons and cups
  • graters (cheese / fruit / vegetable) and hand-sized peelers
  • can openers, wine and beer openers
  • ice maker / ice machine
Serving Items
  • table flatware such as plates (serving and side) and bowls (soup and salad)
  • glassware (cold beverages) and mugs (hot beverages)
  • utensils including knives, forks, spoons
  • pitchers for beverage service
  • serving trays / table service trays
  • napkin dispensers and napkin supply
Safety in the Kitchen

Safety of your facility and the preparation of safe food are very important. Having the appropriate equipment available and procedures in place will help in providing a safe environment. You should also review the factsheet Managing Risk, Agdex 845-32.

Here is a list of items you will need.
  • certified sprinkler system or fire extinguisher
  • dish drying racks and cutting board drying racks
  • smoke detectors
  • anti-fatigue or anti-slip rubber mats at work stations
  • first aid kit
  • emergency contact information and facility contact person
  • three-compartment sink, or dish commercial washing unit with sanitization feature (required if you are serving food and reusing the dishes
  • dedicated hand washing station and sanitizers and soap dispensers
Facility and food preparation safety as well as cleanliness are key elements to success

chef knife safety

Janitorial and all cleaning supplies

It is important that you have a clean, well maintained kitchen to rent out. How you handle clean up after your facility had been used could determine if you have a return customer or not. No one wants to have to clean a facility before they use it.

One option to ensure cleanliness is to supply cleaning and janitorial services and charge this cost to the customers who rent the facility.

These cleaning items need to be housed in an area away from the kitchen where the food is prepared:
  • janitorial supplies: mops and buckets, small vacuum or broom with dustpan, rubber gloves (latex and light disposable)
  • cleaning supplies: bleach, vinegar, baking soda, disinfectant spray (green options), dish cloths, tea towels, pot scrubbers, dishwashing liquids, paper towel and dispensers, garbage bags (kitchen and industrial)
basket with cleaning supplies

Garbage Handling

It is important that you outline how you want all garbage to be handled and the location of a designated area for the garbage to be left for disposal.

For example: “Please place all garbage in the garbage bags provided, tie and leave bags at the back door. If there is any leakage from the bags, you will be charged extra for cleaning.”

Alberta kitchen equipment supply companies

Here are some of the larger kitchen supply companies in Alberta. Others can be found in the Yellow Pages or by doing an Internet search.
  • Alberta Food Equipment (Edmonton)
  • Crown Food Equipment (Calgary and Lethbridge)
  • Hesco Equipment & Supply (Edmonton)
  • Hendrix Restaurant Equipment (Edmonton & Calgary)
  • Russell Food Equipment Ltd. (Edmonton & Calgary)
  • Wescor Food Equipment (Edmonton)
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Alberta Agriculture and Forestry

More information, contact:
Alberta Ag-Info Centre
Call toll free: 310-FARM (3276)

Source: Agdex 845-31. February 2016.

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