Commercial Echinacea Production

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Agdex 188/20-1

Interested in a new crop? Then take a look at Commercial Echinacea Production.

This book offers new producers the information they need, or it can help others decide whether to invest in or enter the industry. Numerous tables and pictures show a wealth of detail, and a colour section displays key echinacea features and common pest problems.

    • production practices (field or greenhouse)
    • economics, business and marketing
    • good agricultural practices
    • further information sources
126 pages

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This low resolution PDF version of the Commercial Echinacea Production is available at no charge and can be used as outlined in the terms of the Open Government Licence Alberta.

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Alberta's echinacea industry
Echinacea in the natural health products market
Sources of echinacea
Botanical history of echinacea
Historical uses of echinacea in North America
Modern health claims

The Echinacea Plant
Echinacea species
Ensuring the botanical identity of echinacea
Active ingredients
Latitudinal effect

Preliminary Considerations
Business basics
Business and production plans
Breaking the traditional farming mentality
Just because it looks good on paper.
Other considerations
Organic production

Field Production Systems
Site selection
Site and soil preparation
Seeds vs. transplants
Seed considerations
Direct seeding
Fertility management
Pest management
Seed harvest

Color Section
Root harvest
Harvesting other plant parts

Economic Analysis
Yield potential
Capital investment requirements
Gross margin
Financial risk management

Business and Marketing
Marketing vs. business
Value of market research
Conducting market research
How to market
Market requirements
Selling root, seed and/or herb
Value-added options

Greenhouse Production Systems
Transplant production
Root production - experimental method

Good Agricultural Practices
On-Farm Food Safety and HACCP-based GAPs
HACCP basics
One up, one down model
GAPs for echinacea production

Natural Health Products Regulations and Echinacea
Definition of a natural health product
Applying for a Natural Product Number

Equipment and material suppliers
Governments: information and contacts
Laboratory services
Producer associations
Seed cleaning services
Other resources (literature, websites)

Appendix A
Appendix B
Appendix C
Appendix D
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