Marketing of Agricultural Products Act and Regulations

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 The Marketing of Agricultural Products Act (MAPA) was established in 1965. MAPA provides the framework for agricultural marketing boards and commissions, enabling them to provide services and help regulate sectors in the agriculture industry.

MAPA establishes the Alberta Agricultural Products Marketing Council, the provincial agency that oversees the operations of marketing boards and commissions, administers regulations under MAPA, and provides advice to government.

MAPA also establishes an appeal tribunal and provides the framework to facilitate federal-provincial agreements and delegation of authority.

Through MAPA, each marketing board or commission develops a set of governing regulations (linked below). MAPA’s regulations and administrative orders are made at different levels, involving the Lieutenant Governor in Council, the Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Marketing Council, and the marketing board or commission.


Regulations Alberta Barley Commission Alberta Beef Producers Alberta Canola Producers Commission Alberta Chicken Producers Alberta Elk Commission Alberta Hatching Eggs Producers Alberta Lamb Producers Alberta Milk Alberta Oat Growers Commission Alberta Peace Region Forage Seed Growers Alberta Pork Producers Development Corporation [Alberta Pork] Alberta Pulse Growers Commission Alberta Sugar Beet Growers Alberta Turkey Producers Alberta Vegetable Growers (Processing) Board Alberta Wheat Commission Alfalfa Seed Commission Beekeepers Commission of Alberta Egg Farmers of Alberta Potato Growers of Alberta
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