Fur Farms Act and Regulation

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 The Act provides for various aspects of licensing in relation to fur farms, as well as import and export of farmed fur-bearing animals. Additionally, measures are taken to ensure the health of imported animals, the reporting of death of disease of farmed animals, and quarantine if required.
Fur farms should not be confused with places where fur-bearing species may be kept in captivity under permit pursuant to the Wildlife Act. Although keeping fur-bearing animals in captivity is a function of fur farms, their primary and distinguishing purposes are that of breeding, reproduction, and pelting of farmed species, regardless of whether or not the animals or their pelts are offered for sale.


Regulations Orders in Council For more information about this legislation, contact Lyle Marianchuk.
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This information published to the web on January 17, 2003.
Last Reviewed/Revised on February 17, 2015.