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Downloadable Excel Spreadsheet Calculator
The Hog Shipping Evaluator allows farm managers to evaluate their shipping effectiveness based on the weight distribution and average index of the hogs shipped. It is available for free download from this web page.

What is Hog Shipping Distribution Efficiency Calculator?
The Hog Shipping Distribution Efficiency Calculator is an excel spreadsheet that producers can use to evaluate their shipping performance. This calculator can be used to:

  1. Determine the opportunity cost of the animals shipped;
  2. Determine the optimum (and acceptable) weight range;
  3. Evaluate the impact on revenue after feed cost of market price changes on shipping targets;
  4. Evaluate the impact on revenue after feed cost of feed price changes on shipping targets; and
  5. Evaluate the impact on revenue after feed cost of different management changes. (i.e. going to All In All Out, or a Two Pull system from a continuous flow system)

Information required:
The information required in order to use the calculator should be found on any delivery statement. If not contact your agent or processor to get this information. The information you will need is:

  1. Shipping information that includes:
    1. . Number of pigs delivered per weight class;
    2. Average index per weight class;
    3. Average weight per weight class; and
    4. Average payment price for the pigs being evaluated.
    This information should be available from shipping statements, web sites or directly from the processor you are shipping to.
  2. The feed conversion (or best estimate) for the target weight range that you are evaluating. Most shipping grid’s show weight ranges from 70 kg to 130 kg’s dressed. If your target weight range is 100 kg dressed, you should be using the feed conversion that best represents the feed conversion for the hogs at this weight range and higher. It is best to use information that you have gathered from your own production. If you do not have that available a table has been included on one of the worksheets may provide some insight.
  3. Dressing Percentage. This is calculated as carcass weight divided by life weight of the hogs (at time of shipping). There are many variable’s impacting this factor and it is important you know the dressing percentage for your farm. Use 80% if you do not know the dressing percentage of your farm.
  4. Lastly you will need the cost per ton of feed for the ration prior to shipping.

Feedback and Questions
To provide feedback or if you have any questions please contact:
Ron Geitz
Alberta Agriculture and Forestry
Phone: 310-FARM (3276)

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