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This version uses April - June 2018 cost information.

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BeefAIChoice Agreement

  • The software and any written materials that might accompany the electronic version of BeefAIChoice ("written materials") are proprietary to and all rights except those expressly given herein remain with Her Majesty the Queen in right of Alberta ("Alberta Agriculture and Forestry").

  • In no event will Alberta Agriculture and Forestry be liable to you for any claims, costs, losses or damages, including without limitation, lost profits or lost data arising out of the use or inability to use the software or any data or any advice supplied therein.

Notice of Collection:
The information on this form that may identify you will be used to notify you electronically of the posting of updates to the "BeefAIChoice" program on the website. In addition, the data collected may be used to assist with monitoring use of the BeefAIChoice program and evaluating and enhancing its effectiveness in an effort to maximize the benefit for its users. The information is being collected under the authority of and is subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act. If you have any concerns regarding the collection or use of your information, please contact the Livestock Economist: Agriculture and Forestry, 303, 7000-113 Street, Edmonton, Alberta T6H 5T6; 780-422-4088.

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