Import Alberta livestock, meat and animal genetics

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Importing Agriculture and Food Products

Livestock, Meat and Animal Genetics

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Livestock and Genetics

Alberta's Livestock and Animal Genetics Industry - Alberta's livestock genetics industry focuses on providing high quality live animals, semen, embryos and related products and services to customers around the world.
About Canadian Cattle
Canadian Beef Breeds Council (12:33)
Learn about Canadian cattle and genetics.
Alberta Beef - Alberta's dedicated cattle producers have made Alberta the largest cattle-producing province in Canada.
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We put the best of Canada into our beef
Canada Beef (1:51)
What goes into producing Canadian beef - people and environment.

Alberta Pork - Alberta's pork industry is committed to providing wholesome and safe food for consumers in Canada and around the world.
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Pork quality in Canada - Inside The Cut
Canada Pork International (6:30)
To deliver high quality pork to the most demanding markets in the world producers and processors work together on a total quality assurance system which combines genetics, feed, nutrition, animal care and transportation to produce that animal in the best possible environment. Meat quality attributes are discussed, including colour, fat colour, marbling, firmness, water holding capacity.

Alberta Bison - Alberta’s bison herd is the largest in Canada. Bison are perfectly adapted to the climate of western Canada and can thrive on land that would be considered marginal for crops.
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