Dry Weather Decisions

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 The stresses that come from dealing with lack of rainfall, poor crops, and feed shortages all take a huge toll on the people trying to juggle the needs of family, farm and flock. Stress impacts decision-making.
Make decisions for the right reasons:
  • Buying feed or selling sheep. Decisions need to be based on animal welfare, cash-flow, repayment ability, and business profitability.
  • Understanding tax implications. Discuss selling of capital assets, livestock, with your accountant.
  • Animal welfare is the responsibility of the flock manager/owner. There is information and assistance available.
    • Alberta Farm Animal Care - 403-932-8050. The focus of AFAC’s work is on early intervention and on taking action to prevent distress in livestock
    • Livestock Care Alert Line (1-800-506-2273) The ALERT line is a confidential call line to report animals in distress, or to assist before livestock is in distress.
    • Canadian Code of Practice for Sheep
    • Alberta Lamb Producers videos. The videos include easily accessible information on animal care, handling, body condition scoring, feeding and flock health.
  • People matter.
    • Managers who focus on their strengths are motivated, determined, and make decisions tend to improve their own performance and self-esteem.
    • A problem shared is a problem halved.’ Having a spouse or partner(s) involved in discussions, problem-solving and decision-making helps reduce stress.
    • Watch for signs of stress:
      - Behaviour changes like irritability, anxiousness, lack of concentration, inability to sleep
      - Withdrawal, reluctance to make medium to long term plans, decision-making grinds to a stop.
    • Use stress relievers like humour, laughter, exercise, deep breathing or maybe meditation. Take a break. Try to get out for some socializing.
Other Information Sources:
Managing Business Stress: - includes articles, Agri-Profits, calculators
Alberta Mental Health Help Line: 1-877-303-2642
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