Alberta 2018 Crop Reporting Program

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 Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (AF) has delivered the Alberta Crop Reporting Program to clients since 1940.
The objective of the crop report is to capture timely information relating to crop production in Alberta during the current crop season. This is achieved through the use of surveys which collect data on moisture and crop conditions, progress of seeding and harvesting, insect and disease situation, yield potential and crop quality, etc. Data collected through the surveys, along with information from other sources will be used to compile the weekly 2018 crop report, which presents provincial and regional summaries.

The delivery of the Alberta 2018 Crop Reporting Program is done in partnership with Agriculture Financial Services Corporation (AFSC), and members of the Association of Alberta Agricultural Fieldmen (AAAF).

The crop report is used by industry and other stakeholders for various purposes, including drought monitoring and forecasting of production insurance payments. It is also used to validate some of the Alberta crop estimates generated by Statistics Canada.

This year, the crop reporting series will consist of 26 weekly crop reports, 13 of which will be full reports and 13 abbreviated. These reports are being prepared in partnership with AFSC (see Alberta 2018 Crop Report Release Schedule below). The first crop report is scheduled for release on May 4, 2018. A final report entitled "Alberta 2018 Crop Season in Review" is expected to be released by AF in March, 2019. For more information, please contact James Wright at 403-782-8336 for the AFSC crop reports, and Ashan Shooshtarian at 780-422-2887 for the AF crop reports.

The assistance of industry and government stakeholders, particularly AFSC, AF and Alberta Ag-Info Centre is greatly appreciated.

Alberta 2018 Crop Report Release Schedule

Crop Report NumberRelease Date (by 4:30 PM)Prepared byContact PersonTelephone Number
1Friday, MAY 4AFSCJames Wright403-782-8336
1AFriday, MAY 11AFSCJames Wright403-782-8336
2Friday, MAY 18AFAshan Shooshtarian780-422-2887
2AFriday, MAY 25AFAshan Shooshtarian780-422-2887
3Friday JUN 1AFSCJames Wright403-782-8336
3AFriday, JUN 8AFSCJames Wright403-782-8336
4Friday, JUN 15AFAshan Shooshtarian780-422-2887
4AFriday, JUN 22AFAshan Shooshtarian780-422-2887
5Friday, JUN 29 AFSCJames Wright403-782-8336
5AFriday, JUL 6AFSCJames Wright403-782-8336
6Friday, JUL 13AFAshan Shooshtarian780-422-2887
6AFriday, JUL 20AFAshan Shooshtarian780-422-2887
7Friday, JUL 27AFSCJames Wright403-782-8336
7AFriday, AUG 3AFSCJames Wright403-782-8336
8Friday, AUG 10AFAshan Shooshtarian780-422-2887
8AFriday, AUG 17AFAshan Shooshtarian780-422-2887
9Friday, AUG 24AFSCJames Wright403-782-8336
9AFriday, AUG 31AFSCJames Wright403-782-8336
10Friday, SEP 7AFAshan Shooshtarian780-422-2887
10AFriday, SEP 14AFAshan Shooshtarian780-422-2887
11Friday, SEP 21AFSCJames Wright403-782-8336
11AFriday, SEP 28AFSCJames Wright403-782-8336
12Friday, OCT 5AFAshan Shooshtarian780-422-2887
12AFriday, OCT 12AFAshan Shooshtarian780-422-2887
13Friday, OCT 19AFSCJames Wright403-782-8336
13AFriday, OCT 26AFSCJames Wright403-782-8336
Crop Season in ReviewMarch 2019AFAshan Shooshtarian780-422-2887
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