The Association of Alberta Agricultural Fieldmen: Northwest Region Directory

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Athabasca County

Agricultural Service Board
3602 - 48 Avenue
Athabasca, Alberta, T9S 1M8

Phone: 780-675-2273
Fax: 780-675-5512

Ron Jackson, Agricultural Fieldman

Trent Keller, Farm Production Specialist

Current A.S.B.:
Warren Griffin - Chair/Councillor
Penny Stewart - Vice-Chair/Councillor
Dwayne Rawson - Councillor
Travais Johnson - Councillor
Dennis Willcott - Councillor
Christi Bilsky - Councillor
Larry Armfelt - Councillor
Doris Splane - Councillor
Kevin Haines - Councillor

County of Barrhead No. 11

Agricultural Service Board
5306 - 49 Street
Barrhead, Alberta, T7N 1N5

Phone: 780-674-3331
Fax: 780-674-2777

Kyle Meunier, Agricultural Fieldman (Director, Northwest Region)

Jay Byer, Assistant Agricultural Fieldman

Successful programs:

  • Active Conservation Program which includes distribution of 15,000 shelterbelt trees annually, incentive payments to landholders prepared to sign up for wilderness protection, mobile demonstration units for solar and wind powered cattle watering systems, and zero energy cattle winter watering systems.
  • Roadside Weed Control Program which includes a separate crew strictly for Noxious Weed Control (Field Scabious, Common Tansy, Scentless Chamomile, Ox-Eye Daisy, Orange Hawkweed).
  • Active equipment rental service for county residents.
  • Active pest control program for coyote, beaver, pocket gopher and grasshopper problems.
  • Work closely with local producer groups and Alberta Agriculture to put on courses, seminars, Farm Woman's Day, etc.
Current A.S.B.:
Walter Preugschas - Chair/Councillor
Ron Kleinfeldt - Vice-Chair/Councillor
Martin Schatz - Councillor
Doug Drozd - Councillor
Darrell Troock - Councillor
Dennis Nanninga - Councillor
Bill Lane - Councillor
Uwe Quedenbaum - Member at Large
Dale Greig - Member at Large

Brazeau County

Agricultural Service Board
Box 77
Drayton Valley, Alberta, T7A 1R1

Phone: 780-542-7777
Fax: 780-542-7770

Dawnia McCann, Agricultural Fieldman

Successful programs:
  • Noxious Weed Control
  • Weed Inspection
  • Oil Industry Education for Weed Control
  • Extension Programing
  • Brush Control
  • Roadside Mowing and Seeding
  • Demonstration Programs and Projects
  • Problem Wildlife Workshops
Current A.S.B.:
Sara Wheale - Chair/Councillor
Maureen Schwab - Vice-Chair/Member at Large
Anthony Heinrich - Councillor
Duane Movald - Member at Large
Mike Mueller - Member at Large
Dallas Eckstrom - Member at Large

Muncipal District of Lesser Slave River #124

Agricultural Service Board
Box 93
Flatbush, Alberta, T0G 0Z0

Phone: 780-681-3929
Fax: 780-681-3936

Barry Kolenosky, Agricultural Fieldman

Current ASB:
Sandra Melzer - Chair/Councillor
Damond Stadnyk - Vice-Chair/Member at Large
Robert Esau - Councillor
Orin Sand - Member at Large
Jessica Mittelstadt

Lac Ste. Anne County

Agricultural Service Board
Box 219
Sangudo, Alberta, TOE 2AO

Phone: 780-785-3411
Toll Free: 1-866-880-5722
Fax: 780-785-2359

Aren Skogstad, Agricultural Fieldman

Stacy Berry, Assistant Agricultural Fieldman

Current A.S.B.:
Ross Bohnet - Chair/Councillor
Steve Hoyda - Vice-Chair/Councillor
Lloyd Giebelhaus - Councillor
John Kyle - Producer member
Kirk Wildman - Producer member
Bruce Churchill - Producer member
Larry Kidd - Producer member
Owen Wild - Producer member
Duane Drews - Producer member

Leduc County

Agricultural Service Board
101, 1101 - 5th Street
Nisku, Alberta, T9E 2X3

Phone: 780-955-6404 (Garett)
Toll Free: 1-800-379-9052
Fax: 780-955-5557

Garett Broadbent, Director, Agricultural Services

Aaron Van Beers, Agricultural Foreman

Devin Knopp, Agricultural Fieldman

Environmental contact: Kim Barkwell at 780-387-6182 (Cell) or

Current A.S.B.:
Glen Belozer - Chair/Councillor
Ray Scobie - Vice-Chair/Councillor
Rick Smith - Councillor
Tanni Doblanko - Councillor
Kelly-Lynn Lewis - Councillor
Kelly Vandenberghe - Councillor
Larry Wanchuk - Councillor
Russell Kushinski - Public Member at Large
Roy Eckert - Public Member at Large

Parkland County

Agricultural Service Board
53109A SH 779
Parkland County, Alberta, T7Z 1R1

Phone: 780-968-8467
Fax: 780-968-3247

James Leskiw, Supervisor, Agricultural Agronomics

Erin McAdam, Supervisor, Agricultural Operations

Current A.S.B.:
Susan Schafers - Chair/Public Member
Chett Wild - Vice-Chair/Public Member
Darrell Hollands - Councillor
John McNab - Councillor
Shelley Spangler - Public Member
Raymond Johnson - Public Member
Brianna Fraser - Public Member
Sarah Leteta - Public Member

Strathcona County

Agricultural Service Board
2001 Sherwood Drive
Sherwood Park, Alberta, T8A 3W7

Phone: 780-417-7134 (Joel)
Phone: 780-417-7100
Fax: 780-417-7109

Joel Gould, Manager, Agriculture Services and contact for environmental issues.

Elise Graham, Assistant Agricultural Fieldman

John McGladdery, Assistant Agricultural Fieldman

Current A.S.B.:
Laura Hammer - Chair/Public Member
Aubrie Henry - Vice-Chair/Public Member
Paul Smith - Councillor
Linton Delainey - Councillor
Glen Lawrence - Councillor
Robert Parks - Councillor (Alternate)
Keith Hull - Public Member
Greg Knott - Public Member
Gary Millar - Public Member

Sturgeon County

Agricultural Service Board
9613 - 100 Street
Morinville, Alberta, T8R 1L9

Phone: 780-939-8325 (Quentin)
Phone: 780-939-8330 (Angela)
Toll Free: 1-866-939-9303
Fax: 780-939-2076

Angela Veenstra, Agricultural Fieldman

Alyssa Thiessen, Assistant Agricultural Fieldman

Tara McGinn, Assistant Agricultural Fieldman
E-mail: tmcGinn@sturgeoncounty,ca

Current A.S.B.:
Jacob Middelkamp - Chair/Public Member
Taylor Bokenfohr - Vice-Chair/Public Member
David Kluthe - Public Member
Victor Majeau - Public Member
Patrick Tighe - Councillor
Karen Shaw - Councillor
Jenay Visscher - Student Member

Thorhild County

Agricultural Service Board
Box 10
Thorhild, Alberta, T0A 3J0

Phone: 780-398-3741
Toll Free: 1-877-398-3777
Fax: 780-398-3748

Clarence Dowhan, Agricultural Fieldman

Sarah Kassian, Assistant Agricultural Fieldman

Environmental contact: Evonne Zukiwski at 780-656-3730 (phone) or 780-656-3768 (fax) or

Current A.S.B:
Kevin Grumetza - Chair/Councillor/Reeve
Cheryl Pasay - Co-Chair/Councillor/Deputy Reeve
Wayne Croswell - Councillor
Richard Filipchuk - Councillor
Joyce Pierce - Councillor

Westlock County

Agricultural Service Board
10336 - 106 Street
Westlock, Alberta, T7P 2G1

Phone: 780-349-3346 ext. 280
Toll Free: 1-877-349-5880
Fax: 780-349-2012

Jacolyn Tigert, Agricultural Fieldman

Don Medcke, Assistant Agricultural Fieldman

Current A.S.B.:
Lou Hall - Chair/Councillor/Reeve
Brian Coleman - Councillor
Victor Julyan - Councillor
Jared Stitsen - Councillor
Darrell Osmond - Councillor
Dennis Primeau - Councillor
Fred Slobodian - Councillor

Woodlands County

Agricultural Service Board
Box 33
Fort Assiniboine, Alberta, T0G 1A0

Phone: 780-584-3866
Fax: 780-584-3988

Dawn Fortin, Director of Agricultural Services

James Aitken, Assistant Agricultural Fieldman

Glen Renfert - Agricultural Services Technician

Environmental contact: Carla Amonson at 780-727-4424 (phone) or 780-206-3894 (cell) or

Current A.S.B.:
Dale McQueen - Chair/Councillor
Sylvia Bonnett - Councillor
Dale Kluin - Councillor
Ron Govenlock - Councillor
Donna McDowell - Member at Large
Greg Thompson - Member at Large
Lynette Kreddig - Member at Large

Yellowhead County

Agricultural Service Board
2716 - 1st Avenue
Edson, Alberta, T7E 1N9

Phone: 780-325-3782
Toll Free: 1-800-814-3935
Fax: 780-325-3783

Jennifer Benson, Agricultural Fieldman

Melissa Marquis, Assistant Agricultural Fieldman

Patricia O'Neil, Assistant Agricultural Fieldman

Environmental contact: Torsten Flying at and Carla Amonson at

Current A.S.B.:
Bob Mitchell - Chair/Member at Large
Anthony Geizen - Councillor
David Russell - Councillor
Ryan Gylander - Member at Large
Shelley Hay - Member at Large

This information is provided by:
Pam Retzloff , Program Assistant
Agricultural Service Board Program
Room 201, 7000 - 113 Street
Edmonton, Alberta
T6H 5T6
Phone: 780-427-4213 Fax: 780-422-7755

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