The Association of Alberta Agricultural Fieldmen: Northeast Region Directory

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Beaver County

Agricultural Service Board
Box 140
Ryley, Alberta, T0B 4A0

Phone: 780-663-3730
Fax: 780-663-3602

Aimee Boese, Agricultural Fieldman (Secretary-Treasurer, AAAF)

Mike Bates, Assistant Agricultural Fieldman

Current A.S.B.:
Kevin Smook - Chair/Councillor
Gene Hrabec - Vice-Chair/Councillor
Barry Bruce - Councillor
Gene Hrabec - Councillor
Jim Kallal - Councillor
Dale Pederson - Councillor
Brent Christensen - Member at Large
Terry Magneson - Member at Large
Dale Umrysh - Member at Large
Matt Micklich - Member at Large

Municipal District of Bonnyville #87

Agricultural Service Board
Box 1010
Bonnyville, Alberta, T9N 2J7

Phone: 780-826-3951
Fax: 780-826-5064

Matt Janz, Agricultural Fieldman

Janice Boden, Assistant Agricultural Fieldman

Reagan Dennett - Pest Control Officer

Mike Penner - ASB Operations Foreman

Sandy Slevinsky - ASB Administrative Support

Current A.S.B.:
Mike Krywiak - Chair/Councillor
Ed Duchesne - Councillor
Luc Tellier - Member at Large
Blake Pikowicz - Member at Large
Dave Gaugler - Member at Large

Lac La Biche County

Agricultural Service Board
Box 1679
Lac La Biche, Alberta, TOA 2CO

Phone: 780-623-1747
Fax: 780-623-2039

Gary Braithwaite, Agricultural Fieldman

Current A.S.B.:
George L'Heureux - Chair/Councillor
Colette Borgun - Councillor
Reginald Plamondon - Member at Large
Debbie Burdek - Member at Large
Lawrence Gingras - Member at Large

Lamont County

Agricultural Service Board
Box 150
Lamont, Alberta, T0B 2R0

Phone: 780-895-2585
Fax: 780-895-2892

Terry Eleniak, Agricultural Fieldman

Lindsay Benbow, Assistant Agricultural Fieldman

Current A.S.B.:
Daniel Warawa - Chair/Councillor
Wayne Woldanski - Councillor
Roy Anaka Councillor
Neil Woitas - Councillor
David Diduck - Councillor
Bonnie Chudyk - ASB Administrative Support

County of Minburn No. 27

Agricultural Service Board
Box 550
Vegreville, Alberta, T9C 1R6

Phone: 780-632-4033
Fax: -780-632-6631

Darwin Ullery, Agricultural Fieldman

Roger Nakonechney, Assistant Agricultural Fieldman

The County of Minburn No. 27 Agricultural Service Board along with administering regular programs such as weed, brush, pest and beaver control have become very active in the extension of environmentally sustainable agricultural systems.

The County of Minburn No. 27 has partnered with the County of Vermilion River and hired a Sustainable Agriculture Specialist to help promote sound agricultural practices along the Vermilion River and its tributaries within the two counties. The county has also started an Agricultural Plastics Recycling Program from grain bags, silage plastics and baler twine.

Assistance with completing Environmental Farm Plans is also part of the County of Minburn's ongoing commitment to producers. As a result they are able to access information and assistance in the Growing Forward Programs. Our Agricultural Service Board prides itself on being proactive in the area of sustainable agriculture.

For information on any of the above projects or programs, please contact our Agricultural Fieldman.

Current A.S.B.:
Eric Anderson - Chair/Councillor
Clifford Wowdzia - Vice-Chair/Councillor
Roger Konieczny - Councillor/Reeve
Rick Wagner - Councillor
Tara Kuzio - Councillor
Carl Ogrodnick - Councillor
Kevin Bentley - Councillor

Municipal District of Provost #52

Agricultural Service Board
Box 300
Provost, Alberta, T0B 3S0

Phone: 780-753-2168
Fax: 780-753-2199

Brian Carter, Agricultural Fieldman

Jessica Robley, Assistant Agricultural Fieldman

Caitlin Wolf, Assistant Agricultural Fieldman

Current A.S.B.:
Darryl Carson - Chair/Councillor
Lonnie Kozlinski - Vice-Chair/Councillor
Richard Charlton - Councillor
Barry Tripp - Councillor
Darryl Motley - Councillor
Allan Murray - Councillor
Ron Rustad - Councillor

Smoky Lake County

Agricultural Service Board
Box 310
Smoky Lake, Alberta, T0A 3C0

Phone: 780-656-3730
Fax: 780-656-3768

Tori Cherniawsky, Agricultural Fieldman (Director, Northeast Region)

Amanda Shapka, Assistant Agricultural Fieldman

Current A.S.B.:
Dan Gawalko - Chair/Councillor
Johnny Cherniwchan - Vice Chair/Councillor
Randy Orichowski - Councillor
Craig Lukinuk - Councillor
Lorne Halisky - Councillor

County of St. Paul No. 19

Agricultural Service Board
5015 - 49 Avenue
St. Paul, Alberta, T0A 3A4

Keith Kornelsen, Agricultural Fieldman
Phone: 780-645-3006 Ext. 236
Fax: 780-645-3104

Warren Leister, ASB Field Officer
Phone: 780-645-3006
Fax: 780-645-3104

The County of St. Paul No. 19 is situated approximately 200 kms. northeast of Edmonton along the North Saskatchewan River and is split between the black and grey wooded soil zones. There is a total of 795,000 agricultural acres of which 445,000 acres is cropped annually. The remainder is improved and unimproved pasture. There is also a very diverse livestock industry in the area, which ranges from beef and dairy cattle and hogs to domesticated elk and bison.

  • Roadside Weed Control Program with priorities on Scentless Chamomile and Toadflax
  • Beaver Dam Removal Program - assist landowners with flooding problems
  • In 2001, the Counties of St. Paul and Smoky Lake partnered their A.E.S.A. Programs and have concentrated mostly on Riparian Area Pasture and Nutrient Management and also Wintering Sites.
  • The local Municipal Seed Cleaning Plant has purchased land for expansion. The land is now being used for crop and special crop research and for demonstration purposes. In 2003, the County joined the Lakeland Applied Research Association to expand cropping research for the area.
Current A.S.B.:
Cliff Martin - Chair/Councillor
Maxine Fodness - Councillor
Laurent Amyotte - Councillor
Steve Upham - Councillor
Darrell Younghans - Councillor
Kevin Wirsta - Councillor
Dale Henrick - Councillor
Betty Way - Support Staff

All Board members can be reached at the above address and phone number.

County of Two Hills No. 21
    Agricultural Service Board
    Box 490
    Two Hills, Alberta, T0B 4K0

    Phone: 780-657-3358
    Fax: 780-657-3504

    Elden Kozak, Agricultural Fieldman (President, AAAF)

    Linda Boyd, Assistant Agricultural Fieldman

    Current A.S.B.:
    Murray Phillips - Chair/Councillor
    Soren Odegard - Vice-Chair/Councillor
    Elroy Yakemchuk - Councillor/Deputy Reeve
    Don Gulayec - Councillor/Reeve
    Diane Saskiw - Councillor

    County of Vermilion River

    Agricultural Service Board
    Box 69
    Kitscoty, Alberta, T0B 2P0

    Phone: 780-846-2244
    Fax: 780-846-2716

    Cathie Erichsen Arychuk, Agricultural Fieldman

    Darin Beckett, Assistant Agricultural Fieldman

    Current A.S.B.:
    Jason Stelmaschuk - Chair/Councillor
    Marty Baker - Vice-Chair/Councillor
    Dale Swyripa - Councillor
    Stacey Hryciuk - Councillor
    Lonnie Wolgien - Councillor
    Clint Murray - Councillor
    Leslie Cusack - Councillor

    Municipal District of Wainwright #61

    Agricultural Service Board
    717 - 14 Avenue
    Wainwright, Alberta, T9W 1B3

    Phone: 780-842-4454
    Fax: 780-842-2463

    James Schwindt, Agricultural Fieldman

    Tanis Ponath, Assistant Agricultural Fieldman

    Rod Gabrielson - Pest Control Officer

    Dennis Fuder - ASB Operations Foreman

    Current A.S.B.:
    Riley Andersen - Chair/Councillor
    Bob Barss - Vice-Chair/Councillor
    John Campbell - Farm Member
    Wayne Leskow - Farm Member
    Robert Dickson - Farm Member

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