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    Our Vision:
    Livestock Research Branch: World-class partner in delivering applied and innovative solutions for a sustainable and vibrant Alberta.
    Mission Statement:
    Enable the Alberta livestock industry to use research-based knowledge and technology to enhance competitiveness.

About Us

Who we are What we do
Our team conducts original, applied aquaculture research and education and outreach activities focusing on:
  • Investigating aquaponics, the ecologically friendly combination of fish and plant production
  • Investigating the replacement of fish meal with alternative proteins for a sustainable fish feed
  • Establishing Alberta Coho salmon for a table food production industry.
  • Growing Alberta’s industry with new species and strains of market fish.
Why we do it
  • The continued growth of Alberta’s private commercial aquaculture industry.
  • World markets for healthy seafood products are growing while wild fish supplies are declining.
  • Canadian market movement away from coastal net-pens to sustainable multi-trophic and contained inland systems is evident.
The Aquaculture Research group works in close collaboration with the Aquaculture Centre of Excellence (ACE).More information on the ACE; Current projects
  • Alberta Innovates - Bio Solutions 2014-2016: Addressing food quality challenges in Alberta's aquaculture industry.
  • Import and Quarantine Isolation of Barramundi (Lates calcarifer), a potential new species for commercial culture in Alberta
  • NSERC Innovation Enhancement Grant, Optimizing and Expanding Commercial Aquaponics Systems, Lethbridge College.
Some of our previous research projects include:
  • Enhancing fatty acid profiles in fish reared on plant based diets (2013 - 2015).
  • Aquaculture Innovation and Market Access Program (AIMAP), Establishing Local Sustainable Coho Salmon (O. kisutch) Production as a New Diversified Product Within the Alberta Agriculture Industry with Tri-Gen Fish Improvement Ltd.
  • ALMA, Flow Monitoring and Control for more Efficient Production in Contained Aquaculture/Aquaponics Systems, CDC-South.

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This information published to the web on November 17, 2014.
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