Michael, Hugh H. - 1994 Hall of Fame Inductee

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Pioneer of canola processing and marketing, Hugh Michael is the father of today's successful oilseed industry in Alberta and Canada. In the 1950's, he successfully promoted rapeseed to farmers as a new cash crop, then founded the oilseed processing and marketing operation, Western Canadian Seed Processors, now known as Canbra Foods. Mr. Michael encouraged development of a new variety of rapeseed named canola, and promoted the introduction of oilseeds into traditional cropping practices. In 1961, Western Canadian Seed Processors opened the first edible oil extraction plant in the province at Lethbridge. Today, operating as Canbra Foods Ltd., it is the only fully integrated oil seed processing plant in Canada producing for domestic and export markets. Mr. Michael established an uniquely Canadian industry, 25 years ahead of its fledgling counterpart in the United States. In 1976, Mr. Michael received the Distinguished Agrologist Award from the Alberta Institute of Agrologists.

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