Hendrigan, Lou - 1978 Hall of Fame Inductee

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Lou Hendrigan represents one of the rarest type of success stories in the history of Alberta's agriculture -- working with, not against, natural obstacles to turn those obstacles into an asset. And in doing so, his accomplishment, by presenting a solid example to thousands of fellow Albertans, must be recognized as one of the best ways to promote wise farming. In Mr. Hendrigan's case the obstacles he faced were Alberta's grey wooded soils. The developed asset he obtained was the eventual good production he gained from those soils. An innovator, a man with 'feel for the land', Mr. Hendrigan broke rules, defied rumor and then returned to the Winfield district the successful knowledge he gained from long trials and experience. He was one of the first to use inorganic fertilizer, back in the 30's. At the same time he imported forage seed from all over the world to find the best mixture to complement his particular soils. Mr. Hendrigan has never hidden his working secret -- to work in time with nature. He's lived up to his motto -- never to mine the soil without replacing what he has taken. And he has achieved the greatest possible result -- a farm which is the epitome of good management.

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This information published to the web on October 19, 2001.
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