Gorr, Jack Gaylyn- 1998 Hall of Fame Inductee

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Long time farmer and agricultural economist, Jack Gorr epitomizes constructive change. Through his involvement in the Gilson Task Force on Transportation and the Prairie Rail Action Committee, which resulted in major reforms in grain transportation, Mr. Gorr has pursued a more responsive and low cost grain transportation system. A lifelong commitment to grain marketing reforms led to his 1995 appointment to the Steering Committee of farm leaders which set the criteria for the Alberta wheat and barley plebiscite. He was later appointed to the federal Western Grain Marketing Panel which led a review of western grain marketing issues. In 1991, Mr. Gorr received the Distinguished Professional Achievement Award from the University of Alberta for outstanding service to agriculture. In 1998, he was honoured by the Western Canadian Wheat Growers Association for his dedication and contributions to the grain industry. During his tenure at Alberta Agriculture, he pioneered the use of computer technology. He also served on the boards of farm organizations and on many task forces and commissions. His belief in value-added processing resulted in him becoming a founding partner of Agri-Partners International Inc. Mr. Gorr's contributions have made a difference to farmers. He continues to farm near Three Hills, Alberta and remains committed to the agriculture industry.

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