Greenhouse Research and Production Complex - Facility Features

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 Facility Features

Production area: The production greenhouses comprise and area of 39,800 ft2 (3700 m2). This includes two Glass greenhouses, each 8600 ft2 (800 m2) and two Poly greenhouses 7,540 ft2 (700m2). Each of the four bays has automated growth and environmental monitoring, nutrient recirculation, carbon dioxide enrichment, artificial lighting, fog system, hanging gutters and drip irrigation and energy curtains. The intent of these houses is to apply greenhouse principles and research results on a commercial scale.

Poly Production Greenhouse with hanging gutters

The production area also includes a Propagation greenhouse 1,885 ft2 (175 m2) equipped with eight flooding benches, four mist chambers, artificial lighting, fog system and energy curtains.

Flooding Table Misting Bed

A Deep Flow Technology room the same size as the propagation house 1,885 ft2 (175 m2) will be converted to a flooding floor in the future.

Research area: The research greenhouses are comprised of 10 glass covered compartments each 754 ft2 (70m2) totalling 11,800 ft2 (1096 m2). Of these 10 compartments, one is a level 2 bio-containment compartment equipped with air conditioning and a hepa filter system. Each compartment has artificial lighting, fog system, rolling benches, energy saving curtains, evaporative coolers, insect screens, positive air pressure and drip irrigation. The intent of these research bays is to provide space for innovative greenhouse research projects for the industry. These are available through a Research Bay Application process.

Bio-containment Hepa filter system
Bio-containment Hepa filter system
Greenhouse Home
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This information published to the web on July 4, 2013.
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