Sheep Technician (Level 1) Skill Set

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 Sheep health | Handling | Operate equipment | Feeding and waste | Sheep production | Forage crops | Employability

Sheep Health Maintenance
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of sheep anatomy and physiology
  • Demonstrate basic knowledge of common sheep health disorders
  • Interpret labels and administer animal health drugs
  • Perform basic animal first aide
  • Dispose of dead animals appropriately
  • Apply internal and external pest control materials
Handling Sheep
  • Demonstrate a knowledge of sheep behavior and handle sheep
  • Individually identify sheep
  • Tip a sheep
  • Crutch a sheep
  • Dock and castrate lambs
  • Trim hooves
  • Shear a sheep (Optional)
  • Handle wool
  • Use a dog in a sheep operation (Optional)
  • Manage grazing system
Operate Farm Equipment
  • Follow safe farm vehicle driving regulations
  • Haul sheep with farm trucks (Optional)
  • Safely operate (in fields/on roads), maintain & service:
    • farm tractors
    • trucks & tractors with equipment in tow (Optional)
    • tractors with front end loader (Optional)
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Sheep Feeding & Waste Management Operations
  • Supervise daily supply of water to sheep
  • Carry out feeding plan for all ages of stock
  • Operate & service feed handling equipment
  • Perform, cleaning routine of sheep handling and housing facilities
Sheep Production
  • Identify types of sheep enterprises
  • Classify sheep by purpose
  • Demonstrate a basic knowledge of sheep nutrition
  • Demonstrate a basic knowledge of sheep reproduction, lambing & fostering
  • Manage lambs
  • Maintain records
  • Maintain fence and corrals
  • Demonstrate a basic knowledge of the code of practice
  • Demonstrate a basic knowledge of the marketing of sheep & sheep products
Harvest, Handle and Store Forage Crops - Optional
  • Safely operate and maintain:
    • hay cutting equipment
    • forage harvester
    • square baler (~40kg)
    • round baler
    • hay rake/windrow inverter
    • silage dump wagon
    • silage bagger
    • big bale wrapper
    • silo blower
    • forage additive applicator
    • bale collector
  • Prepare forage crop storage facilities
  • Store forage harvesting equipment
  • Pack bunker silage using a tractor
Employability, Communication & Safety
  • Manage your training & continuing education
  • Effectively communicate and interact on the job
  • Manage time effectively
  • Demonstrate knowledge of personal financial principles (Optional)
  • Manage your health and safety on the job
  • Use a fire extinguisher and combat a small fire
  • Perform basic first aid procedures
  • Safely handle hazardous farm materials
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