Poultry Skills Technician ( Level 1)

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Poultry Production Technician
  • Available for Broiler Chickens specialization
  • Available for Turkey specialization
  • Available for Hatching Egg specialization
  • Available for Table Egg specialization
Each Specialization will teach:
  • Knowledge of poultry industry
  • Bird biology
  • Positive animal welfare and the ability to promote positive animal welfare
  • Positive attitude toward safety
  • Effective and appropriate interpersonal
  • Communication and employability skills
  • Knowledge of poultry nutritional requirements
  • Ability to handle birds effectively
  • Follow a facilities biosecurity protocols
  • Knowledge of a poultry barn’s environmental systems
  • The ability to receive chicks/poults into a facility
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This information published to the web on July 26, 2018.