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 How to Use the Green Certificate Tester Training Modules
The modules below are designed to help you become a more confident and skilled tester. They are full of tips for asking questions, filling in forms, making the trainee feel comfortable and much more.

Use the links below to take you to the 9 modules in the series. If you are new to Green Certificate, start with Module 1 and work your way through to Module 9. If you just need a refresher, choose the modules that are important to you.

The Green Certificate Program and the Tester

Module 1 Introduction to Green Certificate https://www.agric.gov.ab.ca/content/greencert/onlinetestermodules/introtogc/

Module 2 What Makes a Good Tester? https://www.agric.gov.ab.ca/content/greencert/onlinetestermodules/goodtester/

Prepare for Testing

Module 3 Understand the Curriculum https://www.agric.gov.ab.ca/content/greencert/onlinetestermodules/curriculum/

Module 4 Understand Learning Styles https://www.agric.gov.ab.ca/content/greencert/onlinetestermodules/learningstyles/

Module 5 How to Ask Good Questions https://www.agric.gov.ab.ca/content/greencert/onlinetestermodules/askgoodquestions/

Test Day

Module 6 Prepare for Test Day https://www.agric.gov.ab.ca/content/greencert/onlinetestermodules/preparefortestday/

Module 7 Meet the Trainee at Testing https://www.agric.gov.ab.ca/content/greencert/onlinetestermodules/meettrainee/

Module 8 Conduct the Test https://www.agric.gov.ab.ca/content/greencert/onlinetestermodules/conducttest/

Module 9 Fill in the Test Report https://www.agric.gov.ab.ca/content/greencert/onlinetestermodules/fillintestreport/

Give us Your Feedback

We want to know how we can improve the modules and what new modules might be useful.

Click on the link below to go to an online feedback form.


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This information published to the web on June 26, 2018.