GINA - Green Certificate Information Network Application

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 What is GINA
The Green Certificate Program has created a new information management tool. GINA, the Green Certificate Information Network Application, is an interactive online administrative and communication information system that will enhance your Green Certificate experience.

The Green Certificate Program annual program registration has tripled in growth over the last 10 years. To meet this demand, Green Certificate must increase efficiency to ensure we can accommodate the rise in registrations.

The vision of GINA is to improve all levels of service, ensure consistency across the province in administrative processes, and to improve the program’s ability to communicate complete and accurate information to all program participants and stakeholders in a timely manner.

As a Green Certificate Program school/school division coordinator and administrator, GINA will give you the ability to effectively and accurately manage, administer, plan and coordinate various program activities. You will have access to your student’s registration information, testing schedule and results. You will receive Green Certificate communication from GINA with respect to your Green certificate student’s progress, and notifications of actions required to ensure your student’s success in the program.

As a Green Certificate Program trainee or parent/trainer email from GINA will be the main communicate tool for the Green Certificate program. You may receive notifications emails with respect to
    • your Green Certificate student progress
    • Information regarding your registration,
    • regional certification testing schedule
    • regional certification testing results
    • Upcoming agriculture events as they pertain to your Green Certificate Specialization
GINA will give you the information and resources you need to successfully and efficiently progress through the Green Certificate Program.


GINA Training Manuals
Manuals to help you assist you with working with GINA ( Green certificate Information Network Application) GINA Training Videos

For the GINA Test environment please use this link:
Question: When I try to enter trainee information on the registration page, it is greyed out and will not let me enter information. What should I do?

As per page 7 of the registration and approval manual, you must always search for the trainee before entering the information. This is to eliminate duplicate trainees in the system. Once you search, you will be able to click on +add button and enter the trainee information.
    Question: Which web browsers does GINA support?
      GINA supports the following web browsers:
      • Internet Explorer 9 and later
      • Google Chrome (latest version)
      • Mozilla Firefox (latest version)
      • Safari (latest version)
    Question: When I try to log into the application I receive a “the username or password is invalid” message. What should I do?

    Try copy/pasting your password from the email containing your username and password. Ensure that no white space is copied. This can be confirmed by pasting the password into notepad and using the keyboard arrow keys to move the cursor over each of the letters.
      Question: When I access GINA I am receiving a “the requested page cannot be found” message. Why can’t I access the application?

      You are probably using an invalid URL address. Ensure that you are using the correct URL.
        Question: Nothing happens when I try to perform searches (e.g. people, schools, registrations, etc.) within GINA. I click the search (magnifying glass) button but I don’t get any results. Why isn’t this working?

        This is most likely a browser compatibility issue. Make sure you are using one of the supported browsers listed above. It is recommended that you use the Google Chrome web browser for the best experience.

        If you are still having issues with GINA please contact GINA
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        This information published to the web on August 25, 2015.
        Last Reviewed/Revised on November 6, 2018.