Timber Quotas - Forest Management

 A timber quota is a type of renewable forest tenure that lasts for 20 years.
Timber quotas can be area-based tenures or volume-based tenures, which give the tenure holder the right to
  • a percentage of the Annual Allowable Cut (measured in timber volume) within a specific area, OR
  • a specified volume from a specific area
Coniferous Timber Licences and Deciduous Timber Licences are timber dispositions of timber quotas.

What is the size of a timber quota?

The size of a timber quota varies. In Alberta, timber quotas can range from less than 1,000 m3 to just over 1,000,000 m3. Currently there are no area-based timber quotas.

How many types of timber quotas are there in Alberta?

There are two types of timber quotas in Alberta:
  • coniferous timber quota (CTQ)
  • deciduous timber allocation (DTA)
A coniferous timber quota (CTQ) allocates rights to harvest coniferous trees such as pine and spruce. A CTQ specifies a percentage of volume of the annual allowable cut (AAC) in a given area that the quota holder can harvest. A CTQ may also include tenure holders from the Community Timber Program.
  • Sample Coniferous Timber Quota- Sep 8, 2014
A deciduous timber allocation (DTA) allocates rights to harvest deciduous trees such as aspen and balsam poplar. A DTA allocates a specified volume of deciduous timber or a specific area of deciduous timber that the quota holder may harvest.
  • Sample Deciduous Timber Allocation -- Sep 8, 2014
For more information, see the document, Differences Between the Main Types of Forest Tenure in Alberta, at: How many timber quotas are there in Alberta?

There are currently 81 coniferous timber quotas and 37 deciduous timber allocations in Alberta.

Timber quotas are governed by the department's Timber Quota Policy through authority under the Forests Act. To view the act, visit the Alberta Queen's Printer website at: Also see:
  • Alberta Timber Quota Policy -- 2013
Are timber quota holders responsible for reforestation?

It depends on the timber volume that the quota holder is entitled to harvest. Timber quota holders with a combined Annual Allowable Cut of 10,000 m3 or greater are responsible for the reforestation. Timber quota holders with less than 10,000 m3 can either do the reforestation themselves or pay a reforestation levy or fee to an authorized association to do the reforestation.

The government sets reforestation standards. It also receives annual reforestation results for all commercial timber dispositions. These results are monitored to ensure reforestation is successful.

Where can I get more information about timber quotas?

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