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 Boreal MixedwoodThe details of where, when and how trees on Crown land in Alberta are harvested and managed for sustainability are contained in Forest Management Plans approved by the Government of Alberta, with input from public and other stakeholders.
Forest Management Plans prepared by industry, also referred to as detailed forest management plans, are a requirement of Forest Management Agreements negotiated between the Government of Alberta and forest companies. Forest Management Agreements provide companies with rights to harvest and reforest trees on Crown land and ensure activities are carried out in a sustainable manner.

The crown is responsible for preparing Forest Management Plans for forest management units not included in Forest Management Agreement areas.

Developing Forest Management Plans is a dynamic process, incorporating knowledge from research, new policy and legislative changes and ongoing review of performance.

Forest Management Plans provide for sustainable management of forest resources and other values. The operational components of these plans are prepared for a 10-year term and show
  • The extent and size of the forest management area they cover,
  • Specific stands identified for harvest in next ten years,
  • Intended reforestation treatments to be implemented.
The Forest Management Plan is a technical document describing forest management objectives, strategies and commitments. It identifies intended methods of cutting, reforesting, and managing timber resources within the defined area of responsibility. The forest management planning time frame considered is 200 years; this generally represents two full life cycles, or "rotations", for trees in the Forest Management Agreement.

Forest Management Plans
  • look beyond sustained timber yield
  • embrace the concept of sustainable forest management
  • recognizing other resource values and uses
  • explain how the harvesting plan will be delivered
  • explain how performance will be measured
Plans are prepared and implemented through the collaboration of the forest industry, government agencies, other resource users and the public.

Public involvement is a key part of the review process for Forest Management Plans.
  • Along with preparing the plan itself, plan developers must develop consultation programs to inform and invite public involvement in developing the Forest Management Plan.
  • Plans must also provide for ongoing dialogue with the public concerning day-to-day harvesting and renewal operations, resource impacts and potential conflicts.
Forest Management Plans in Alberta

This list includes all companies with Forest Management Agreements in Alberta. Those with approved Forest Management Plans are identified with links to those plans and key technical appendices. This list will be updated as additional plans are approved.

Crown Forest Management Unit Plans FMP's in Alberta
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