Hypoxylon Canker - Forest Health and Adaptation

 Hypoxylon Canker Slide Show{GFX-ESRDx-ForestHealth-HypoxylonCanker-Slide2.jpg}{GFX-ESRDx-ForestHealth-HypoxylonCanker-Slide3.jpg}{GFX-ESRDx-ForestHealth-HypoxylonCanker-Slide4.jpg} Hypoxylon canker of aspen (Hypoxylon mammatum [Wahl] J.H. Miller) is one of the most common diseases of aspen in North America. Hypoxylon canker generally affects trees under stress and is found throughout Alberta.

Signs and Symptoms

Look for the following signs and symptoms of hypoxylon canker:

  • Dieback
  • Thinly foliated, prematurely discoloured
Stem/Outer Bark
  • Cracks, cankers/sunken dark yellow to brown areas with brownish sap around the edge
  • Grey-black pillar-like fruiting structures

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This information published to the web on February 24, 2016.