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Gerald and Muriel Huber run Antelope Creek Berry Farm east of Brooks, Alberta. Their focus is on producing saskatoons (4+ varieties), sour cherries and raspberries, but they also grow black currants, strawberries, and chokecherries. Their most popular U-Pick crop is definitely strawberries.

Antelope Creek Berry Farm products can be found at the Brooks Farmers' Market. Custom orders are also available each week and can be ordered by contacting Muriel and Gerald directly. All the berries are picked by hand and the labour involved with harvesting their crop this way means that the best way to purchase and experience these crops is to visit the U-Pick yourself on Antelope Creek Road. Check out their Facebook page and keep an eye out for posters around the Brooks area to know when they open and close for the season.

How they began Antelope Creek Berry Farm

Originally Muriel's mother and step-father began growing strawberries and a few rows of saskatoon bushes in 1998 under the name Antelope Creek Road Berry Farm. In 2014, Gerald and Muriel dropped “road” from the name and took over the reigns of Antelope Creek Berry Farm.

Their Role in the Community

Each crop attracts its own audience depending on tastes and purpose. While raspberries and strawberries tend to be universally admired, crops like black currants, sour cherries and saskatoons tend to draw a health conscious crowd because of their high nutritional value.

It's not uncommon for multi-generations of families to come out and spend the day at Antelope Creek Berry Farm to experience the land together; picking berries and enjoying picnics in the orchard.

These hands-on experiences not only bolster the customer's knowledge of and love for the berries but it creates a space for building a community around the fruit and a great appreciation for local agriculture.

Their relationship with their customers

A big part of Gerald and Muriel's business revolves around education. In an era when strawberries from California are accessible all year round in grocery stores, it takes a lot of dedication and communication to bring the message of fresh, local food to the community. However, they find that if a customer comes out to the orchard and actually experiences the flavour of the berries they begin to really understand the value of locally grown food.

They love engaging with the community in this way and find this interaction goes both ways: it's a great way to meet people and at the same time provide a service to their community.

Their vision for Antelope Creek Berry Farm

Gerald and Muriel's goals for Antelope Creek are lofty. They love the orchard and want it to be their life. Their vision is to continue to support and expand their U-Pick community as well as exploring options for commercial saskatoon production. Overall, they hope to turn the berry farm into a self-sustaining operation which is a level it hasn't reached in the past.

“I don't want to have to get up in the morning and go into town to work. I want to get up in the morning, have breakfast with my family and go to work on the farm." - Gerald Huber

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