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Jackie Chalmers grows a large amount of garlic on a small amount of land. This year she’ll grow up to 6,000 pounds of porcelain variety garlic on around two acres of historic ranchland just west of Claresholm.

New Oxley’s farming practices are completely natural, though they have yet to pursue organic certification. Planted by hand, and harvested the same way, they invest in their product and are passionate about sustainability.

New Oxley garlic is available at select stores in Lethbridge and Claresholm as well as in the Calgary area through delivery service. You may also order garlic directly from Jackie by phone or email. More detailed information on getting garlic from New Oxley can be found on their website.

Why she chose garlic

Jackie was raised in a mixed farm/ranch situation and, when she and her family moved to their property in 2006, it didn’t take her long to realize that she wanted to “play in the dirt.” With an entrepreneurial background in restaurant and art gallery management, Jackie was drawn to new challenges in farming. Her primary concern, however, was to produce something on the land that would be compatible with the mule deer population. As she puts it, “They were here before I was so I knew I had to figure out how to get along with them.” Jackie made a phone call to her aunt (who also farms in the region) and asked her advice. Her aunt told her that, as a deterrent to deer, she often planted garlic in between rows of other vegetables and the seed of New Oxley began to sprout in Jackie’s mind.

Her relationship with customers

Jackie has developed a solid customer base in her community and the main reason for this, she says, is “ no rocket science here, relationship and service.”
Seeing the people behind the product is a concept that Jackie values when buying her own food and so understands the value of trust and connection for her own customers.

New Oxley's presence in the community

Being known in the Claresholm community as “The Garlic Lady” is a point of pride for Jackie and she encourages the folks in her area to stop by the farm and see her “walk the talk.” The land that Jackie farms is situated on the historic New Oxley Ranche and she tries, as much as she can, to promote a spirit of accessibility. From agricultural tours to interested individuals, finding time for visitors is a given at New Oxley.

The New Oxley Vision

A large part of Jackie’s vision for New Oxley is “Integrity, a belief system that is based on sustainability.” Building connections and trust with her customers is a keystone of her direct marketing philosophy and will be a foundation for any further expansion. Jackie’s aim is to sell her garlic “to people who are going to love it, and love it not only because it tastes great, but because I’m doing it right.”

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