Small Flock Poultry: Planning on having a chicken flock?

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Planning on having a chicken flock?

Whether you are a new or experienced poultry owner, these resources contain valuable information on regulations, coop setting, safe handling and more.

  • Raising chickens in Alberta. (pdf 21,345 KB)
    The University of Alberta’s Poultry Research Centre developed this resource to help you raise your chickens. Areas covered in the workbook include:
        • Determining if regulations allow you to raise chickens in your area.
        • Meeting the basic needs of your chickens including housing, feed, water, light, and ventilation.
        • Identifying diseases and inappropriate behaviours of chickens and how to prevent them.
        • Adjusting flock management to address Alberta’s extreme weather conditions.
        • Taking steps to keep your flock safe from predators and disease (biosecurity).
        • Keeping your family safe from disease that can come from live poultry and poultry products.

  • FOWL: Your Comprehensive Guide to Keeping Urban Chickens and Small Flocks
    Developed by Alberta Farm Animal Care as part of a comprehensive backyard chicken toolkit that includes:
        • Coop checklist
        • Urban hen manual
        • Community package
        • Veterinarian list.
        • Video series

  • Did you know that having a premises identification (PID) can help protect your birds in case of a disease outbreak or natural disaster and that it's required by law?
    In an animal health event, having animal locations and other key information in one system is critical for quick, accurate and cost-effective emergency response for the safety of animals and people.
    Although you may view your chickens as pets or companion animals, they can still receive and transmit disease. Even if you only own one chicken, it is still necessary to obtain a PID Account.
  • What is Biosecurity? Everything we do to prevent or reduce the introduction and spread of animal diseases. Remember: little things count to help keep small flocks healthy.
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This information published to the web on June 5, 2018.
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