Role of Feeder Associations of Alberta Limited

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The Feeder Associations of Alberta Limited (FAA) represents 45 local feeder associations with over 3500 members. Local feeder associations provide financial resources that enable members to feed livestock in Alberta. FAA is the Alberta government’s key partner in delivering the Feeder Association Loan Guarantee Program.
Specific roles are related to:
  • Establishing vision and direction for the future.
  • Assisting with development of program regulations, policies, and procedures.
  • Communicating with local feeder associations.
  • Marketing the program to the industry at large.
  • Liaison with other livestock industry organizations.

FAA provides an optional livestock indemnity program to local associations that effectively pools livestock mortality risk among co-operating associations and members. FAA also provides co-operative bonding or security for local association staff as required under Section 10 of the Feeder Associations Loan Guarantee Regulation.

“The Feeders Association of Alberta is the first choice resource to purchase feeder cattle in Alberta.”

“As community based service providers, the Feeders Association of Alberta will continue to be the primary co-operative financing source for feeders in rural Alberta. Our goal is to encourage the sustained growth of associations and enable membership to remain profitable and competitive.”

  • Support Local Feeder Associations in the delivery of the Feeder Association Loan.
  • Guarantee Program and the Advance Payment Program to members.
  • Encourage the Government of Alberta to modernize and enhance the FALGP for the benefit of current and future feeder association members.
  • Work with other organizations and government to help the Alberta livestock industry be competitive, profitable, and sustainable.

Feeder Associations of Alberta Limited Directors and Office Staff
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