Marketing Council - Strategic Plan 2009-2012

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Vision for Marketing Council
Boards and commissions strategically lead a prosperous agricultural industry in Alberta.

Mission for Marketing Council
We support leadership development, provide sound policy advice, and administer effective legislation for the benefit of the agricultural industry and government.

Values of Marketing Council
Marketing Council subscribes to the four Government of Alberta values:

  • Accountability
  • Excellence
  • Integrity
  • Respect
Our actions are directly influenced by our core values:
  • We have a passion for agriculture.
  • We value good governance as a key to effective organizations.
  • We provide value for our owner (the Minister) and customers (the boards and commissions).
  • We co-create solutions with our owner and customers.
  • We embrace collaboration between staff, Council members, and our owner and customers.
Goals and Strategies for Success
Marketing Council will focus on the following goals and supporting strategies to achieve the vision of the organization:

Goal #1 - Enhanced industry leadership


1a. Support/provide learning opportunities and skill development for industry.
1b. Provide coaching and facilitation for industry as requested.
1c. Model leadership and good governance.

Performance Measures:
  • Enhanced knowledge and awareness of sound governance and leadership practices.
  • Demonstrated use of sound governance and leadership practices.
  • Enhancement of Marketing Council competencies and effectiveness demonstrated through the Marketing Council Assessment tool.
Goal #2 –Policy and legislative frameworks that are enabling


2a. Develop options and advice for policy, legislation and regulations.
2b. Develop enabling regulations.
2c. Ensure policy, legislation and regulatory compliance.

Performance Measures:
  • Rate of adoption of enabling policy and regulatory changes by the boards and commissions.
  • Existing policies, legislation, and regulations are reviewed and updated in an efficient and timely manner.
Goal #3 - Complete engagement with our owner and customers


3a. Increased understanding by Marketing Council of owner and customer needs, challenges and opportunities, and vice versa.

Performance Measures:
  • Owner and customer indication of value that Marketing Council brings to them (satisfaction survey).

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