Judging Standards for Foods, Sewing & Handicrafts

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This book gives the standards of quality for a variety of foods, sewing and handicraft articles. Both judges and exhibitors will find it helpful for identifying specific techniques and points to consider relative to texture, flavor, design and other characteristics. 30 pages.

Agdex 980-10

Free Digital Version (661 KB)
This PDF version of Judging Standards for foods, sewing & handicrafts is available at no charge and can be used as outlined in the terms of the Open Government Licence Alberta.

Policy available at: https://open.alberta.ca/policy
Licence available at: https://open.alberta.ca/licence

Table of Contents
  • Philosophy of Competition
  • Judging
    • Standards for Food
    • Bread &Buns
    • Cakes (fruit, decorated, chiffon, sponge, etc.)
    • Cookies
    • Muffins, Quick Breads & Pastry
    • Tea Biscuits
    • Microwave Baking
    • Pasta
    • Nutritious Snacks
    • Heart Smart Foods
    • Candy
    • Canned Foods
    • Jellies, Jams, Conserves, Marmalades
    • Pickles, Relishes, Catsup
    • Dried Foods
    • Honey
    • Butter
    • Cottage Cheese
    • Cream
    • Yogurt
    • Rendered Fat
    • French Style Salad
    • Dressing
    • Meal Planning
    • School Lunches
    • Wines
  • Judging Standard for Sewing & Handicrafts
  • Judging Standard for Sewing
  • Judging Standards of Handicrafts
    • Fabric Arts (cushions, quilts, rugs, soft sculpture, textile designing, wall hanging)
    • Thread Arts (crocheting and tatting, knitting, macrame, stitchery, weaving, string art)
    • General Arts (beadwork, leather, enamelling, lapidary, pottery, ceramics, stained glass, decoupage, papertole, drawing and painting, photography, toys, collections, woodworking)
  • Judging Standards for Quilts
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