Alberta Foodborne Illness and Risk Investigation Protocol

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If foodborne illness outbreaks occur in Alberta, the response and investigation can involve multiple government agencies with different but connected responsibilities. To help ensure a collaborative and effective response, the Canada-Alberta Partners in Food Safety (CAPiFS) developed the Alberta Foodborne Illness and Risk Investigation Protocol (FIRIP). This protocol was updated in 2017 and replaces the 2013 version.

CAPiFS is a partnership between the Government of Canada, represented by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) and Health Canada, and the Government of Alberta, represented by Alberta Health, Alberta Health Services, and Alberta Agriculture and Forestry.

The FIRIP provides the framework when there is the need for a coordinated response, to:
  • initiate and enhance collaboration among partners;
  • establish clear lines of communication and information sharing among partners; and
  • improve the efficiency and effectiveness of response, protecting the health and safety of Albertans.

The FIRIP does not provide detailed instructions on how to conduct the investigation and response. Rather, it guides the collaboration of partners if there are foodborne illness outbreaks or food safety risks.

The complete Annexes to AB FIRIP is available as a downloadable PDF - 178K
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