Soil Variability Analysis to Enhance Crop Production

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 Soil Variability Analysis to Enhance Crop Production
This project developed a public domain atlas of Alberta agricultural landscapes, intended as an information-oriented product with regional application throughout Alberta.

In 1999, one hundred sites were selected using the 1:100,000-scale Agricultural Region of Alberta Soil Inventory Database (AGRASID). The 100 sites represent various regional climates, soils, parent materials, and land management systems. The DEM data was smoothed and analyzed to determine slope segments, gradient, length, aspect, and topographic relief.

Detailed soil and landscape data was collected on a landscape basis at many of the locations. Soil attribute data included pH, organic matter content, topsoil depth, depth to lime, electrical conductivity, bulk density, macronutrient fertility status, and related land history and crop management.

Further project information, data and links are available on the SVAECP webpage of InfoHarvest Inc. The user can go to the data page and interactively select which ecodistrict/soil group/etc they are interested in or scan the available sites on the master table. Then select the site or sites and related data.

Partners in the project were:
Agriculture and Food Council
Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
Alberta Agriculture, Food and Rural Development
LandWise Inc.
BeauTerre Soilscapes Consulting Inc.
Norwest Labs
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This information published to the web on November 23, 2015.
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