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Provincial meat facilities including abattoirs, mobile butchers and mobile butcher facilities are licensed and inspected by Alberta Agriculture and Forestry (AF). Free standing provincial meat facilities, or meat facilities without an abattoir are permitted and inspected by Alberta Health Services (AHS).

Provincial Legislation in Alberta

The Meat Inspection Section that operates under the leadership of the Food Safety Branch, is responsible for ensuring that the meat processors, mobile butchers and their facilities are in compliance with the Meat Inspection Act and the Meat Inspection Regulations.

Meat Facility Standard

The Meat Facility Standards (MFS) is a policy document that is referenced in the Meat Inspection Regulations. The MFS applies to all licensed meat facilities regulated by AF.

Technical Interpretation Policy Manual

The Technical Interpretation Policy Manual was developed to assist provincial operators with their responsibilities under federal and provincial legislation and to help inspection personnel in the performance of their duties.

Food Safety Resources

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry: Food Safety Reporting Measure (2017-2018)

Here is an illustration showing how many processing inspections were conducted at Alberta Agriculture and Forestry's licensed meat facilities in 2017-2018.

Alberta Agriculture's Industry Day 2015 and 2016 Presentations

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Questions or Comments?
If you have any questions or concerns about meat inspection in Alberta, contact the Meat Inspection Team.

Quick Links

Alberta Agriculture and Forestry Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) Alberta Health Services
  • Alberta Health Services Food Safety Online Course for Meat Processors
Health Canada Regulatory Updates
  • Amendments to the Agriculture and Agri-Food Administrative Monetary Penalties Regulation regarding pig traceability. Failure to meet these requirements could lead to enforcement action.
  • The CFIA released the proposed amendments to regulations on Humane Transportation of Animals. Public comment period will run until February 15, 2017.
  • Consultations for a draft Standards for Optimizing Animal Welfare Outcomes during Slaughter Without Stunning (SWS) began November 28 and will run until January 27, 2017. Read the British Columbia Ministry of Agriculture's stakeholder letter here.
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