Healthy and Enhanced Meat Research

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Not only do Albertans benefit increasingly from producing and eating healthier food, but meeting that growing demand will ultimately support Alberta’s agricultural and food production.

What is the Healthy and Enhanced Meat Research program?
Working out of the Food Processing Development Centre in Leduc, Alberta, the Program is a group of meat scientists and technologists working to support the research, development, and production of enhanced, value-added and healthier foods and meat products in the local and global marketplace. Hear Ken Fahner describe how AF is supporting the food processing industry through applied research, product development and operational support.
Part 1 - Supporting agri-food processors directly
Part 2 - Supporting food processing funding bodies and stakeholders

Listen to the Call of the Land interview exploring how Agriculture and Forestry's HEMR program is designed to work with the Alberta meat processing industry in meeting market demands and trends, providing healthier choices through the application of innovative applied research findings and commercial meat processing.
      Listen to more Call of the Land interviews exploring the Healthy and Enhanced Meat Research program, on the Research page
Industry Needs Stakeholder Needs Assessment Survey
Alberta's food processing industry recognizes the always evolving challenges and is working to be competitive, innovative and sustainable through innovation. Read more from the Industry Needs Stakeholder Needs Assessment Survey.

Listen to the Call of the Land interview summarizing the findings in the survey:
Part 1 - About the Industry Needs Assessment
Part 2 - Results of the Industry Needs Assessment

    The purpose of this survey is to better understand the meat processing industries interest, position and practice of developing healthy and enhanced meat products. The results help us to better understand what individual stakeholders, organizations, and its members are doing in the area of healthy and enhanced meat processing, and what they would like to do in the future. From the survey, Industry stakeholders demonstrated there is a desire to innovate in healthy and enhanced meat processing, and have indicated future interests, current and future priorities, and related concerns. This insight shows real opportunity for Agriculture and Forestry to build on the momentum of desired change and generate collaborative projects with industry through improved awareness and understanding of the work that AF, and specifically Food Processing Development Centre has to offer through the full value chain.

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