Forage Introductions 1969

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 Forage Introductions
A series of bulletins were released over an extended period of years that contain comparisons of the seed- and herbage-producing potential of numerous varieties of many species of forage/amenity grasses and legumes, when grown in the Peace River region. The experimental information was obtained from single plots (5 rows, each 6.1 m long and spaced 30 cm apart) sown at Beaverlodge starting around the mid-1960s. From each plot, two rows were harvested for herbage and the remaining three for seed. Each variety was seeded in three successive years, using irrigation if necessary, and each seeding was retained for three harvest years. The published bulletins of the results included the following:

Forage Introductions 1969 (Publication NRG 69-16) - This is the first bulletin of the series.
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